About Us

With over 18 years of experience we make sure you get more power out of your boat wherever you are in the world.

When it comes to getting the best performance out of your boat we provide the support and expertise you need no matter your technical or mechanical level. We’re here to help every owner enjoy and appreciate their time on the water as much as possible.

We are New Zealand’s only dedicated outboard tuning company, with the only in-house outboard Dyno to be able to truly guarantee our work and improvements.

While other car tuners also offer outboard tuning, the fact is, we are the only specialised outboard tuning shop in the country, plus we’re easy to deal with with!

Our Team



Hans has been tuning engines of all kinds for over 10 years. Unlike other outfits, Hans specializes in performance tunes for specific brands and models. Hans brings European specialist levels of attention to detail to the work and oversees all tunes personally or completes them himself.

Marine Tune is about bringing the knowledge and fun to you through top shelf service and friendly knowledge.



Matt has been tuning a variety of high performance engines since 2012. Previously based at Hampton downs motorsports park, tuning race cars, high end european vehicles, sprint boats and Bikes. He has now located to Taupo, home of the largest lake in NZ which allows for constant development on and off the water.

Matt and Hans work closely together with the tuning and design of aftermarket performance mods. If you are looking at altering the factory ECU parameters to get a bit more out of your machine or going all out and upgrading to an aftermarket ECU to suit other performance upgrades, Matt can give expert advice on how to get maximum performance and reliability.

If you are serious about performance, talk to Matt for straight-up info on what is going to work best for what you are trying to achieve.