If you have bought a boat with a Suzuki outboard or have been thinking about upgrading, tuning the OEM outboard ECU can be a great way to get the most out of your engine and get a whole new lease on life WITHOUT buying another engine.

As the largest outboard maker in the world, Suzuki are known to make reliable engines that are easy to work on and deliver good power. Many owners report high engine hours and excellent condition when maintenance is kept up.

The Suzuki outboard business model is generally to make a good product at a fair price for the market – not the stand out in any particular areas but good all-rounders that are straight-forward to work on. One of the easiest ways to increase performance is outboard ECU tuning.

The main reported issues common to many Japanese motors, is correctly preventing corrosion on bolts, screws and fittings that you may require replacement in the future.

Over the past 10 years Suzuki has been increasing market share very aggressively with outboard motors that are well engineered, durable and reliable, often with lower resale prices than other brands.

If you have bought a second hand one in good condition, Suzuki outboard motor engines can be tuned using the OEM ECU. Tuning the ECU increases power and torque and can make a Suzuki outboard seem like a different beast.

We tune Suzuki outboard engines regularly, so we are familiar with and understand how to get good results from them in Kiwi conditions. Talk to us about any questions you have if it is time to get more out of your investment.

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