Tuning a Yamaha F60 Outboard

Before Tuning


AFTER Tuning

We tuned the Yamaha F60 engine on a water brake dyno to increase its output from 53 HP at the output shaft to 61 HP. Torque also increased, going up from 47 NM (newton meters) to 55 NM-in other words 17% more torque than before!

At outboardtune.com, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver top-quality tuning services for boaties like us. Our results speak for themselves, as demonstrated by our direct testing on our in-house water brake dyno. The gains in both HP and torque are undeniable, and we are proud to say that these are genuine results from an actual Yamaha F60 engine we tuned for a satisfied customer.

So, what sets us apart from our competitors? We are passionate about the water and have a deep understanding of boats, thanks to our coastal surroundings and our status as a nation of enthusiasts. We take tuning to the next level and make the seemingly impossible possible.

At outboardtune.com, we have a full water dyno test facility on site, allowing us to deliver the highest level of service possible. Whether you’re sending your Yamaha F60 Marine ECU to us from anywhere in the world or bringing it in person, we guarantee a fast turnaround time. Thanks to years of experience and testing, we can perfect your Yamaha F60 tune in just a matter of days, ensuring you can enjoy your boat as soon as possible.

Most importantly, we are a Kiwi-owned and operated business, and we stand behind our work with Kiwi quality assurance. Don’t trust your tune to a desk tuner who doesn’t even put a boat in the water. Instead, trust outboardtune.com to improve upon what you have and deliver the best possible tuning services for your Yamaha F60.