There are many reasons to tune your outboard motor. If you want to increase power, torque or the smoothness of your engine, maybe a broader power band or even better fuel economy for longer fishing trips, Outboard Tune nz can tune your watercraft outboard OEM ECU unit to perfection.

Don’t get sucked in by inexperienced cheap tuners using stock library engine maps.

  1. We work from the settings taken directly from your power TN engine,  not from a template map
  2. Retrieve your ECU settings via an ECU interface or a mechanic, send us the original file and we will tune and send back to you – easy and fast!
  3. Your warranty remains intact

Drive your boat your way and let us tune the outboard to fit what you want it to do – better than the stock settings.

Working with the original manufacturers ECU system on your outboard means that at any time should you wish to reset or go back to standard settings, you can. After experiencing the improvements tuning can make, you won’t want to, but you can! The engine can be reset to its original factory settings at any time.

Before messing around with any mechanical features or parts in an engine, tuning the outboard ECU can yield amazing results.

Outboard tune is the premier outboard ECU tuning specialists in New Zealand from Northland, Auckland and Hamilton, Wellington Christchurch. 

  • Better control
  • Improved acceleration
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Gains of between 8-15% power in petrol engines 
  • up to 30% increases in power and torque in diesel engines as well as 
  • 8 – 20% improved fuel consumption

Check out the improvements from our recent outboard tuning jobs.

Visit us at our Taupo site, or get in touch to find out what we can do for you.